5 Follow-up Activities to Explode Your Income
The WHY and HOW to Following Up

Over 75% of Direct Sellers Fail to Follow Up
Okay I am in, Now What?
Why Request a Demo?
Follow Up Preparation

Only Enrolling 2% is Not OK

Answering Questions

Prospects Ignore Automated Mass Messaging

Listen More, Talk Less

Overcoming Objections

The Secret CRM Formula for Network Marketing

Scan Business Cards into Contacts

Mentor In Your Pocket

All Ears

Follow Up is Not an Event, It's a Process

Follow up and Follow Through

Use of People

Caution: Could Be Habit Forming

It takes Time to Become an Instant Success

Beliefs and Values

Work Habits


How to Contact People You Don't Know Yet

Power Your Vehicle to Success

Success / Failure Orientation


How to Present Introduction

More With Less

Starting a Direct Sales Business

Goal Setting

Follow Up Posture

FAQ Why should I send cards to my prospects?

Making a List

How To Contact

How to contact people you know

How to Make a Powerful First Contact

Effective Presentation (Step 1)

Effective Presentation (Step 2)

Effective Presentation (Step 3)

Effective Presentation (Step 4)

Closing The Deal



5 Best Direct Sales Planners

Personal Improvement Plan

Discouragement Threshold