5 Best Direct Sales Planners

5 Best Direct Sales Planners

Whether you're new to direct sales, or you are still used to saying "Avon calling" when knocking on doors, you're most likely here because you recognize the need to have a little organization in your business. Even from the very start, it can quickly become overwhelming to keep track of names, appointments, products, scripts to memorize, team or mentor calls, events to host, phone numbers, passwords, and follow-ups. Not to mention what to cook your kids for dinner or any number of other things going on in your busy life. It's easy for things to slip out of hand.

Fortunately for you, I've come up with a list of five planning and organization tools that have helped others in your situation. The solutions come in different forms and price ranges, and some cover different needs than others. I've included a variety, so you can find the one that fits your needs the best.

To your success!

1. BizRunner App

BizRunner is a 21st century solution to direct sales organization. It's an app for smartphones or tablets, and also has a web interface. The system is incredible at tracking activity and keeping you organized, and has so many features that I don't have room enough to touch on all of them, so I'll just give you the highlights. It stores all your contacts and lets your quickly organize them into categories, like "prospect" or "enrolled customer." It also has the ability to record interactions and notes for each person. You can schedule appointments from the app and they will sync to your phone calendar. One of my favorite features of this app is the relentless follow up engine that is built in. Every time I have an appointment or interaction with someone, the app asks me when I want to follow up with them next and then sets the appointment on my calendar. That feature alone has helped to increase my enrollments and has made the app so worth it. It's very organized and easy to use. Even if you're a paper person, I highly recommend at least looking into this option. 

2. My Daily Edge App

This is another app that is very similiar to BizRunner. It features many of the same benefits of the BizRunner platform, but has a different user interface and is specifically designed for distributers in Doterra. One of the main differences in features is the ability to send actual oil samples to your prospects. You order the oil samples right from the app and they get shipped to your prospect in a very nicely packaged kit. It's an amazing time saver. It has the same ability to report interactions on contacts and to sync with your calendar. You can also schedule classes in the app, and easily invite prospects to classes or "one-on-one's" with the texting feature. If you're in Doterra, you should take a look.

3. Polka Dot Posie DIY Paper Planner

This is a good option for you scrapbookers out there. It's a do-it-yourself printable template that you purchase online and then download. It comes complete with simple instructions and pictures. It's more on the artsy side, but has some great organizational features. The template includes many finance tracking pages (like expenses, or giveaways and discounts), party planning sheets, contact information pages, order pages, and places to keep passwords and other notes to name a few. One benefit to the do-it-yourself planner is the ability to customize it however you like! It's inexpensive and, based on the pictures, it looks simple and like a great tool.

4. Beyond the Party Paper Planner

For those of you who like paper, but don't want to delve into the do-it-yourself relm, you should check out the Beyond the Party Planner. It features an easy to read calendar that looks very professional. Specific tabs include areas like goals, business strategy, inspiration, to-do, notes, daily tasks, hostess coaching, follow up, etc.. It comes as a hard cover book that is shipped to you, and they even give suggestions on what kind of pens are best to use. I hear this product sells out quickly, though!  If you are not able to get a pre-made copy you can also download a digital copy and have it printed at your local copy store.

5. myConsultant App

Back on the technology side, this app helps a lot with the finance and customer orders part of direct sales.  While this app doesn't do as great of a job on keeping track of prospects or appointments, it does help you to stay on top of commissions, orders, and taxes. It includes a millage calculator that becomes handy during tax time, and a calculator that helps you stay on top of all those confusing commissions, taxes, discounts, shipping and other fees. Reviewers say it's a great tool for when you're at a busy show and need to record notes or make sales quickly.  If you're needing help with finance organization, check out this app.


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