Beliefs and Values

Your beliefs and values determine what you will be willing to do in the business and how and when you will do it. This includes how you feel about sales, money, work, family, relationships, and a myriad of other things that will determine your level of success.

Your basic beliefs and values control the amount of time you commit to working on yourself, and in your business. They will also dictate the time it will take to achieve success as you define it.

The first and most important belief to master is that you are in business. And as in all businesses you must become a professional, not a hobbyist in order to succeed.

At the core, your beliefs and values go with you wherever you go. People can immediately tell if you really believe in your products and services. Your language concerning money, selling, willingness to re-prioritize activities, and reschedule events to allow business building time and resources, will entice or repel your prospects and team.

How you value people, will show up in every conversation and interaction with new prospects and team members. Intentionally or unintentionally people will know, whether you like them or not, whether you care about their achievement or not, whether you are willing to love them in times when they are unlovable, whether you encourage them in times when they don't appear to be worthy of encouragement.

At the end of the day, if you think money is bad or that selling is taking advantage of your prospect, or that you must attend every family activity or your children will be scarred for life, then that, will be reflected in your verbal and body language and will send a very loud message to your prospects that you don't like what you are doing, or that somehow you feel like you're doing something wrong. The end result is that you won't enroll new people in your business. You won't frequently transact, and your business will suffer.

Your beliefs and values also uncover your determination to overcome obstacles that might slow you down, as well as your willingness to grow and become all that you were intended to become.

There is nothing wrong with some re-prioritization, and rescheduling of events and activities. There is nothing wrong with teaching others about products and services they didn't know about or think they could afford. You are a messenger, nothing more. The more effective you are at spreading the good news about your products and services, the more others can take advantage of them along with you.

This industry like no other allows you to get the job done, and it will stay done, rather than starting over each day, week and month as all other employee plans.  will give you the time and financial resources to achieve your greater causes and higher purposes that your core beliefs and values drive you to.

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