Caution: Could Be Habit Forming

Caution: Could Be Habit Forming

Habits are the #1 difference between success and failure! Successful people are simply willing to do the things un-successful people are not willing to do.

Success Tip #1 – Network Marketing Superstars create absolute clarity about what their dream is and why they are passionate about it.

Success Tip #2 – Success in network marketing is accelerated by “de-junking” or getting rid of the messiness in your life. De-junking activities range from cleaning out the garage, car, bedroom, living room, den, or any other part of your physical life that is simply messy and un-organized. It also means that you need to get rid of things that distract from your goal of becoming successful. Successful people don’t let insignificant or non-productive things get in the way of their success.

Success Tip #3 – Turn off the T.V. Temporarily retire from the softball/bowling/knitting league. “Emphasis” on the temporarily part of this sentence. When you create job dropping residual income or Freetirement and have led your network marketing team to their greater causes and higher purposes then you can play softball, bowl, knit or join any other group or club you want. 

Success Tip #4 – Create a few simple habits that will improve your skill, attitude, beliefs and knowledge. This is a three part process.

  1. Find a mentor. Learn, practice and apply what you see them doing. Ask for their advice and then do what they tell you to do.
  2. Create a schedule that will support your goals and keep your life in balance. You need some time in your schedule each day to:
    *Read from a positive book and/or listen to an educational CD,
    *Meet someone new each day for the next 90 days,
    *Show your business presentation 20+ times each month,
    *Get 3 new people to some event each month,
    *Play Residual Income Game each week,
    *Get rid of all the names on your current names list in the next 60 days.
  3. Create measurable milestones, and then take accountable action. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. The first milestones in any networking business are: #1 Get your products for free by doing #2 – enroll 1 to 5 other people on your team who are faithfully using your products.

Doing these simple things over and over again for at least 21 days will create habits. Habits of success which will replace habits of mediocrity and your will achieve your greater causes and higher purposes.

What habits do you already have that support success? AND what habits do you need to improve upon to create more predictable success.

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