Closing The Deal

Closing The Deal

People seldom take action if they are not directly requested to do so. Closing the deal is critical for success. Some do not want to seem pushy or salesman like, which is why people struggle and fail. Some think closing the deal puts their relationships at risk.

However, closing the deal is nothing more than establishing whether your prospect is ready to take advantage of your products, services or business offering that relieves their life challenges. Closing the deal helps you know if they need additional information, or simply are not interested in your offering right now.

If properly done, your relationships will never be at risk, no matter what their response is to your offering.

Remember that you are in business, and residual income in this industry is received in direct proportion to your ability to transact.

If you represent great value, and effectively present that value, you won’t have to convince your prospects, they will be able to see the value, and if asked, they will take the action they are most interested in.

Lastly, closing the deal, sets an example for those who choose to become members of your team, and is easily duplicated if they see you do it.


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