Commitment is measured by your willingness and determination to get the job done, no matter the circumstances.

Commitment can be measured in many ways. Here are a few important measurements of your commitment to achieve success.

Commitment can be measured by how much it takes to make you discouraged and give up. Some people become discouraged very easily and quickly while others work harder, and smarter when things aren't going as planned.

It is your commitment to personal goals, values, dreams, and family as well as that of your business associates that determine how you will react to adversity.

Commitment is also measured by the time you spend on yourself, and working in your business. There are essentially four different levels of time commitment that people make or progress through on their way to massive success.

  1. Sometime. This is measured with 4 to 6 hours per week in the business.
  2. Spare time. 6 to 12 hours of business building activity each week.
  3. Part time. 12 to 25 hours per week.
  4. Full time, which will require a 25 to 50 hour per week commitment.

No matter what level you choose, your immediate results will be reflected in your ability to commit a consistent effort each week during your available time. That is to say, nothing can get in the way or take priority to the specific hours you commit to consistently spend in your business.

Another way to measure commitment is by the amount of financial investment you are willing to make on your business. How much money are you willing to spend of personal improvement, business development, marketing materials, and relationships?

Ask yourself this question, if your goal was to create job dropping residual income in the next 2 to 3 years, and that outcome was certain, how much time and money would you invest to create that result, $10 per month, $50 per month, $100, $1,000 or more?

Think of what's at stake! It's your future we're talking about here. It's your children's future; it's your grand-children's future. A wise man told me once, you can make excuses or you can make money, but you can't make both.

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