Effective Presentation (Step 1)

Effective Presentation (Step 1)

The following is an effective first step to a presentation.

Step One – Start this conversation by re-entering the past conversation. You need to pick up as if the last conversation never stopped. You can do this with High Yielding Questions and Listening. Questions will get your prospect to talk and they will expose what they want and need that they’re not getting now. Great questions lead people to visualize and imagine what their life would be like with their dream. And when people really see and believe in the possibilities of a greater future through involvement with you and your business, they will act on it.

You will know that you have been successful in step 1 if you are able to answer these questions:

  1. What is important to them?
  2. Do you know what is missing in their life and why?
  3. Do you know the reasons why your business will be a perfect fit for them?
  4. Do you know what their passions are?
  5. Do you know if they are committed to achieve their goals, and what that commitment is?
  6. Do you know if you want to partner with this person?

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