Effective Presentation (Step 3)

Effective Presentation (Step 3)

The following is an effective third step to a presentation.

Step Three – Now that you have shared what you offer that makes their life better, it’s time to determine their interest and to see how they are receiving your message and how you can best support them.

You need to transition from talking back to asking and listening. Ask them a couple of questions to check in with them. For example, ask them "How do you see this working to solve the challenges (they told you about) in step 1?" Or, "What do like best about what I just shared with you?"

Because you have been asking and listening and connecting the dots between what they want and need and what you offer they will tell you exactly what they are thinking and feeling. Again without step 1 people can’t get what you are talking about unless you happen to say the right thing to the person who has the exact problem that you are focused on.

Once you have made them aware of you and your offering can help them, you need to help them know what to do now. And most people want options to choose from instead of being told what to do. Giving them options always makes the course of action they choose their idea not yours. It gives your prospects a feeling of control and power.

You need to state the options clearly so that your prospects can easily tell the choices apart and discern the ramifications of making each choice.

Here is an example you might consider:

Now that you know about our company, products and different ways of making money, there are a few choices you can make, and I will support you in which ever you decide:

  1. Do nothing and your life will go on pretty much as it is now.
  2. You can wait a day or so and review more information if you need it to make a decision.
  3. You can enroll as a Customer and take advantage of the benefits we talked about. or
  4. You can enroll as an Associate and take advantage of not only the personal benefits of the products and services but begin earning income and take control of your future.

Which of these interests you most?

They will tell you what they want to do and this helps you know exactly how to support them.

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