Only Enrolling 2% is Not OK

You love your products and opportunity and believe that people should be stumbling over each other to follow your lead. But only 2% or less get in. What gives?

Think of prospects and enrollments like having an apple tree where every apple represents a potential sale or enrollment in your business.

There's three ways you can harvest fruit to build your business:

  1. Pick up the apples that have already fallen on the ground - 2% to 5% of your sales and enrollments. These are the easy sales and enrollments that fall in your lap after only one or two follow-ups.
  2. Reach up a little and pick the low hanging fruit - 15% to 18% of your sales and enrollments. These are almost as easy as picking up what's fallen on the ground, just a little more follow-up. Instead of one or two times, you're looking at 3 or 4 follow-ups to get the sale / enrollment.
  3. Get a ladder and harvest from the bulk fruit in the middle or sweet fruit at the top of the tree - 80% of your sales and enrollments. The best fruit, the best sales, the best builders for your business are usually found higher up in your tree. These are the people that are more connected, higher income, more skilled. They just need more interactions with you so they can get familiar with you and the opportunity, do their due diligence and get comfortable with the idea of jumping in with you. These are the people that get things done and will make the greatest difference in your business. 80% of your harvest will come in raising your average follow-ups per prospect to 5 to 13 follow-ups each.

So how do you make 5 to13 follow-ups become easy?

As a professional for more than two decades, I thought I was great at following-up, until I started using BizRunner. Then I realized that my success had largely been dependent on only 15 to 20% of my real potential sales. I found out that all my "excellent" follow-up in the past was only 2 to 4, instead of 5 to 13 follow-ups.

With BizRunner, that literally changed overnight. BizRunner keeps track of every next step and never lets anything fall through the cracks. Now people tell me that my follow-up is incomparable, and all I'm doing is following-up when BizRunner tells me to. But more importantly, my sales and enrollments have increased.

Not just me, but those who are using BizRunner consistently are seeing a 300% increase in sales and enrollment.

What would a 300% increase do for your business?

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