Follow up and Follow Through

Follow up and Follow Through

Following up and following through with all the steps of any success pattern has made EVERY super achiever what they are - Follow up Superstars.

Many people ask me what exactly is a "Follow Up?" It is simply the next step in the sucess pattern. For example, in network marketing you begin with a prospect list. The follow up to putting someone's name in your contact relationship manager is - contacting the prospect. The follow up to contacting is doing some kind of presentation. The follow up to a presentation is called a follow up. The challenge most have is knowing the difference between the "step" follow up, and the "activity" of following up.

The follow up to the follow up is either enrollment or another follow up. Research demonstrates that 80% of all sales occur during the 5th through the 12th follow up.

The follow up of enrollment is new distributor orientation and the follow up to that is regular support partner calls and ect

If you are diligent and effective at following up, you will create any level of success you desire.


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