Follow Up is Not an Event, It's a Process

Follow Up is Not an Event, It's a Process

People are enrolling in Network Marketing at an accelerating rate. Most enroll because they want to make more money. If your objective is to make more money in Network Marketing, then you are going to have to master following up.

Follow up is often misunderstood. Follow up is not an event it’s a process. Following up is simply taking your prospects to the next step in the enrollment process.

Every successful mentor in Network Marketing teaches that contacting your prospects is the follow up to putting their name on a list. Presenting is the follow up to contacting. Providing more information in a meeting after the presentation is also a type of follow up. And of course enrolling your prospects as customers or business partners is the culminating follow up in the enrollment process.

The best way we have found to increase sales and enrollments by 300% is to use BizRunner as a prospect App, or contact management App, to help you become super-efficient and effective at following up. BizRunner can become a critical task manager to propel you to new heights in your business.

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