Follow Up Posture

Follow Up Posture

Following up with your prospects and team members is another way of making sure you continue to influence people to take the action that will best serve them to create the life they want.

Follow up with confidence, that implies that you know what you’re doing, where you are going and that you have a clear plan and commitment to predictably get there.

People know almost immediately if you are faking it, or if you are the real deal. When you follow up with the assurance that you are there to help them get what they want, people will take action to create success.

There are a few intangible factors that can positively or negatively influence others such as:

  • The way you talk
  • The body language you use
  • The commitment to your product or service
  • Your resolve towards your Greater Causes and Higher Purposes.

You can always tell when someone is trying to be, or portray themselves as something they are not, and so can everyone else. People are attractively influenced by your commitment to create the results they care about.

The most basic principle in following up is simply to be interested, instead of interesting. Seek to understand before being understood.

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