Follow Up Preparation

My experience in this industry tells me that even if your offer is exactly what people are looking for, it's actually quite rare that someone will buy from you or sign up for your opportunity the very first time you present to them.

My experience is that only about 5% of the people you present to will say, "Yes" the very first time they see your presentation, about 5% will say No, during the first meeting and the remaining 90% will sway either way depending on your personal effectiveness in following up.

So in order to build a large and profitable business, you need to become a master at following-up. Because about 90% of the time, during the follow-up is when your prospects make the decision to become either customers or associates.

A good follow- up can easily quadruple your conversion rates of prospects to customers and associates. What would it mean to you and your income, if you could begin enrolling 4 times as many people as customers or associates as you are today?

The fortune in this industry truly is in the follow up. Effective follow-ups come from making a plan from previous meetings and having answers to common questions and to those unique or specific questions that your prospect has. Failing to prepare for your follow-ups or failing to follow-up at all is a leading cause of failure.

Preparation is the key to a successful conversion of prospects. When you prepare for the follow-up with real answers that pin-point their personal situation, you demonstrate that you are there to solve their problems and are truly interested in them. Your credibility will soar, and the 90% will either buy from you or sign up as an associate.

Here are some basic steps of an effective follow-up.

  1. The work of an effective follow-up begins during the presentation. You need to make sure to write down their wants, needs, personal, family, financial, & work circumstances, questions, and concerns.
  2. This information is critical to use during the follow-up. Ultimately you are going to revisit their questions, and concerns to make sure to eliminate them. And you will need to make sure to allude to their hopes, dreams, pain, dissatisfaction, and circumstances during the follow-up.
  3. Show up on time!!! They have arranged or re-arranged their busy schedule to accommodate this appointment. And so you need to honor their commitment by making sure that you show up when and where you agreed to.
  4. Get re-acquainted. Spend a few minutes getting caught up. They will be much more responsive and will be more likely to take action, if you reiterate what you discussed in the presentation and focus your follow-up on their circumstances and offer to help them improve their life.
  5. Revisit the assignment from the last appointment. If you were supposed to get answers to their questions, make sure that you are prepared by doing your homework so that you are ready to answer their specific questions. If they were supposed to do their due diligence then ask them about the materials you left them or directed them to, after the last meeting.
  6. Answer their questions as honestly and completely as possible.
  7. Ask for the business. People will not take action they are not asked to take. Give them the same options that you gave them at the end of your presentation. And then ask them which of those choices works best for them?

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