The WHY and HOW to Following Up

The WHY and HOW to Following Up

You can't talk about Network Marketing without talking about following up. Why? Because in order to build your business, you need people to help you share your product, and mere exposure to your message once will only be sufficient about 5% of the time; because your prospects aren't convinced that what you proposed could actually be a solution to their problem(s). They need some social proof or personal experience to prove to them that what you are saying will actually work.. Follow up is a process that begins during and after your prospect sees your business presentation; it is the key to successful conversion of prospects.

Educate your prospects by showing them you know what you're talking about, before they do business with you, by effectively following up with them.

The steps to successfully follow up:

  1. Know that the purpose of following up is to answer any questions
  2. Make sure your prospects know their options and how to take action based on their commitment to make the changes necessary to alleviate their life challenges.
  3. Each contact with a prospect should sell them on the idea that their time and money will be well spent; because they can trust that you will do what you say you will, and because they can trust that things will happen just as you have described.
  4. Make notes about their questions, concerns, dreams, and dissatisfactions with their current circumstances. These notes are crucial for your follow-up and to helping you prepare to meet your prospects needs.

If they are convinced that you are there to solve their problems and are truly interested in them, they will enroll with you.

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