Goal Setting

A goal not written is just a wish--a wish that probably will not come true. People who have a written set of realistic goals have something to measure their progress against. Those who do not are at the mercy of their emotions to determine whether they are succeeding.

The things we typically think of when we talk to prospects about our company's products and opportunity are almost never the real reasons they join. People listen to stories of fast cars, huge houses, fantastic vacations and incredible lifestyles and equate this with their ability to have enough money and time to do the things they want.

People don't get and stay passionate about cars or houses. They get passionate about things that transcend themselves. Things like endangered species, world hunger, perpetual education funds, ending child abuse and et cetera. But most people are a long way from being able to really envision themselves making the kind of difference in the world they dream of. So to cross the great divide, between where prospects are, and where they ultimately want to end up, I use a stair step approach starting with the concept of "take it to the level you can believe it".

For example, when I first got into personal business ownership, my goal was for my wife to be able to go to the grocery store and buy what she really wanted, instead of what we could afford. Of course this is not monetarily equivalent to 20,000 square foot houses on 10,000 acres of rolling hills divided by a perfect fishing stream, Ferrari's, or trips to Hawaii to swim with the dolphins. But it was as far as I could see at that time. When I accomplished this goal, I started working on a newer car, then to a new car, then to vacations to Hawaii, then towards my greater cause and higher purpose.

In the beginning, I couldn't even see myself making a thousand dollars in the business, let alone becoming a millionaire. No matter where people start, as they advance, they are able to see farther and farther down the road, if they just get moving in the right direction. Remember that success is the progressive realization of a worthwhile dream. Goals should be appropriate milestones for tracking progress towards greater causes and higher purposes.

There are many possible goals that a person can have, but the most important business goals should be related to converting prospects to customers or associates. Because these two groups create income, and income translates into goal achievement.

You have probably heard the saying that a goal not written is a wish. And that appropriate work will win, where wishing won't. People who have a written set of realistic goals have a way to know if they are moving towards or away from their dreams. Those who do not have written goals with dates are at the mercy of their emotions to determine whether they feel like they are succeeding.

If your goals are not clearly defined, you may find yourself running around taking ineffective action that will produce some result, but that result may not be the result you want. Kind of like Alice in the famous story of Alice in wonderland, she had to decide where she wanted to end up in order to choose the road that led there.

Write down, your goals with specificity and detail. Include a date for the accomplishment of your goals, and then create a plan that will produce the results you want. Make sure to discuss your plan with your mentor, so that you will have his or her input, feedback, and assurance that if you follow the plan, your will likely achieve your goal.

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