How To Contact

How To Contact

For many people in network marketing, contacting is one of the scariest, yet important aspects of the business. Learning how to contact is critical because you don’t have a store front for people to come to. The only way for people to become aware of you, your company, and your products is through personal contact.

When you are contacting people the main thing to keep in mind is that you are looking for people who are dissatisfied with something, anything. For example, some people don’t have enough time or money to do the things they want in life. Others might have too many bills, or too many jobs. No matter what their pain, you have the solution.

The purpose of contacting is twofold, 1) to find out why they are dissatisfied, and 2) set an appointment. That’s it, that’s all. Don’t make contacting into something it’s not. It’s not a presentation or a selling event.

Typically, there are 3 kinds of people you can contact: hot, warm, and cold.

  1. Hot contacts are those who you could walk into their house without knocking. These are typically your family and closest friends.
  2. Warm contacts are those who know you by your first name. That is to say you could call them and say, "Hi Bob, this is Clay," and they wouldn’t wonder who Clay is. Usually these are people you work with, neighbors, or people you go to church or attend other organizational meetings with.
  3. Cold contacts are people you do not know yet. You must initiate a conversation with this group of people. You can ask them a question to get the conversation or you can wear a button, lapel pin or your attitude by itself can be conversation starters.

No matter who you are contacting, remember that your single goal in contact is to set an appointment to discuss the details of your solution to their pain.

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