Listen More, Talk Less

Listen More, Talk Less

The biggest barrier to making money in Network Marketing is listening too little and talking too much. You have one mouth and two ears, use them accordingly - solve their problems not yours.

You never learn anything when you are talking. You can't learn what your prospects need, want and care about while you are talking. You must learn to listen, and understand what is being said. When you ask high yielding questions to get your prospects to talk, they will tell you exactly what they need. Your products, services and income offering can help them to meet those needs.

Think of all the effort you spend putting names into your contacts App or CRM. You can make more money if you follow the mentoring advice of your up-line, or the online training offered by your team, when they teach about listening and understanding your prospects problems before you offer a solution via your products or income offering.

Some people will have challenges that your products will solve, others will be interested in your income offering. No matter what your prospects need, you probably have the solution for it.

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