All Ears

All Ears

Listening is the best way to get your prospects to get and stay engaged with you as you follow up with them through the enrollment process.

Practice in your mentoring sessions, or use a prospect App like BizRunner, to learn how to get your prospects to talk. They will tell you exactly what they need, and how what you offer can help them to meet those needs.

As a professional, you invest in creating a prospect list, online training, task managers, a contacts App and more. And the most important thing you can do is build rapport with your prospects and give them a sense that you are interested in resolving their challenges. That may be different for each person, for some it will be the value of your products and services they need initially. For others, it will be the opportunity of your business to create income and possibly more time. No matter what they are dissatisfied with, your business probably has the solution for it.

Making more money in network marketing is as simple as listening to your mentor and your prospects.

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