Making a List

The importance of making a list of all the people you know cannot be overstated. Experience shows that one of the fastest ways to achieve job-dropping residual income in your business is to make a list of at least 200 people and then effectively contact all of them.

Our business is driven by word of mouth, period. No advertising, no commercials, no banner ads, no spam, no flyers; our business grows when one person talks to another person. That usually happens over the phone, in-person, or occasionally through e-mail or other technologies. But make no mistake about it, those people you come into contact with must come from some form of names list.

What's unique about our industry is that if you want to reach a million people, you don't have to go out and personally talk to 15,000 people, each year for 66 years. Rather, you can develop a team of people who share in the task, and are rewarded proportionately from the results of their efforts.

A hundred people who each add 10 people, who present the business idea 15 times per month, would reach a million people in 5 ½ years. Get the idea?

So why do we have to write people's names down on paper? As long as they're accessible, why bother? You can contact and present your business to people you know more rapidly if you have their names written down, so that you can strategize on how and when to make the contact.

It's also a good way to keep track of who you've called, presented to, left materials with, ect.

Remember, you're not planning a social; you're building a business. My experience in this industry tells me that 100% of the people who make a names list of 200 people and appropriately contact them all create job dropping income.

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