Mentor In Your Pocket

Did you know that there are over 30 hours of audio/video training on your BizRunner App? That’s like having a mentor in your pocket! All you have to do is click on the “?” in the top right corner on any page to access your personal mentor.

BizRunner is not only a mentor, but it is a duplicator; giving you and your team access to all the training tools that are built into the App!

From the expert Clay Stevens:

Successful direct selling is a teaching and mentoring business that results in real, ongoing duplication. The key is to work with your team and give them the training, and inspiration they need to become successful according to their own design. If you set the proper example in a few area's you can build it once and have it stay done, instead of having to rebuild your down-line time and time again.

Set the example for your team by communicating with them. Regular communication shows the commitment they have to their down line's success. It also demonstrates how to effectively relate to their own down line.

The way you dress, the language you use, and the consistency of your work in the business are also important factors that you want others to duplicate.

Your team will do exactly what they see and hear you do and say. If you contact, present, follow-up and ask for the business, your team will follow the pattern. If you go to events, they will. If you are late to meetings, they will be too. If you are on a personal improvement plan, your team will follow suit.

No one on your team will do more than you do. Set the bar high, and the standard for others will be one that will ensure their success.

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