More With Less

More With Less

When I was exercising this morning, I saw a garbage truck doing what most of us think is it's usual job - picking up garbage with it's little finger like arm, raising BIG cans into the air and dumping them into the truck. The thought came to me, that's a great example of doing more with less. One guy instead of three, and no additional trucks! That's great, right?

Well then the thought came to me that some people would be mad because 2 garbage workers would be displaced by technology; adding to what seems to be an ever growing un-employment problem.

However, the truth of it is that the two people who would no longer be needed to pick up garbage, are now free to add to the overall economy, working in other areas of much needed improvement.

Maybe they could find a cure for a disease, or help people find ways to create less garbage, or more efficient ways to handle waste, or turn garbage into energy sources. Who knows. But at the end-of-the-day, we have millions of people working in jobs that they are massively over capable of doing. Which lessens the overall quality of life for all of us.

So, I asked myself - self, what is available to help build a strong and profitable direct sales business? The most obvious answer was a customer relationship managment system like BizRunner; that automatically tracks the progress of all prospects in the enrollment process, has preformatted text and email messaging. A system that rewards network marketers for adding to thier prospect list, contacting, presenting, following up, and enrolling people. That allows you to increase sales and enrollments by 300% with less challenges. That has embedded training and a way to see who is working in your team and what exactly they are doing.

That is doing more with less.

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