Over the past 30 years I have coached high school athletes, been a successful networker, and Corporate Vice President. In order to be successful in any of these endeavors, it was important to have motivated people.

However, one thing I learned over the years is that I can't motivate anyone -no-one can! You can excite them, you can influence them, you can persuade them. But in every case, the effect you create wears off in a few minutes or hours.

Effective, long lasting motivation comes from each individual, not you! The truth is that everyone is motivated. They are motivated to create the result they are focused on and believe they can achieve. They are motivated to do what they are committed to. They are highly motivated to attain what they perceive as their needs.

If someone is hungry, really hungry, do you have to 'motivate' them to eat? They are highly motivated to get something to eat with or without you. When people are thirsty, they will find water.

My experience is that, a really great speaker can get the crowd worked up into a frenzy and emotionally ready to dominate world economies. However, momentary excitment won't last.

Your people must find something they want so bad that they will take action to get it.

Your job is to get them to dream, believe, and then take appropriate action from wherever they are, to make the dream a reality. They will be motivated everyday to take action to accomplish things that they believe are possible. Especially when the feel like they posses or could learn how to acquire the personal effectiveness necessary to achieve the goal.

Spend your time teaching this simple 4 step process that I learned from years of listening to audio programs, reading books, attended seminars, interviewing 7 and 8 figure earners in the business, and my own personal experience building successful direct selling organizations.

  1. Choose what you want to achieve with specific criteria for success.
  2. Assess your current personal effectiveness in that activity.
  3. Plan a progressive course that will bring the success you desire.
  4. Execute the plan with absolute precision, learning, practicing and applying the skills and knowledge of the activity. Including a review of your progress through the, Improve Yourself, Build a Team and Become a Leader success pattern, moving from beginner, to amateur, to professional.

So when you want to achieve success in anything remember these 4 steps and they will give you confidence, power, and ability to accomplish super human feats.

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