Personal Improvement Plan

In order to be successful in the Network Marketing business, you must become the kind of person others will follow, before they will follow. A personal improvement plan is like a road map to success. If you follow it, you will have a credible claim on success. If you do not have one or if you ignore the one you have, you will flounder and lose your way.

Most people who enroll in your organization aren't accustomed to stretching and growing. Most of the people you meet will have spent years as an employee, in a position where they simply repeated the same things over and over again without ever being challenged to move outside of their comfort zone.

When you begin building this business, you will find that your old comfortable patterns, and habits, don't apply to this business. You will quickly realize that if you are to succeed you'll need to learn, practice and apply skills and knowledge to do things you have never done before.

This is an industry that requires personal and professional improvement in areas like building relationships, contacting, presenting, following-up, overcoming objections, answering questions, asking for the business, leadership and a myriad of other skills and knowledge.

In life we get beat up by family and financial situations, and other things that drain our belief and energy. Even in the business there will be ups and downs.

A personal improvement plan serves as a constant encouragement and positive influence to keep you going. It can help you to accelerate your business growth by helping you concentrate on improving specific areas that are holding you back. Take personal assessment of what you are and are not doing, and how you can improve. Then sit down with your mentor to discuss the results; talk to him about your goals, and find out what you should focus on and learn, in order to become the kind of person who can create the goals you desire.

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