Learning to persuade people to make decisions and take action about ideas, purchases, and building a business with you increases the number of people you can effectively serve. In order to be effective in persuasion you must have the mindset that your persuasion is based on helping your prospect solve some challenge they have identified during your presentation.

With the right mind set and high personal effectiveness in product, company, and industry knowledge coupled with listening, relationship building, and personality recognition skills, you will be able to convert more prospects to customers and associates, because you know what problem you are trying to solve that is specific to your prospect.

Unlike influence, which is an important intangible facet of your business, persuasion is your ability to present reasons that indicate that your solution will solve your prospects problems. For some people your influence, posture, social or professional status may be enough. But many require social proof and research statistics.

The most persuasive arguments for your product, company, and the industry should be largely based on facts and figures. When you have indisputable evidence that your product, up-line mentor, or company will perform exactly as you have promised, your prospects will have more confidence than relying on your personal testimony alone.

The fact that many others have experienced positive results is powerful motivation for people to take action either as a customer or an associate.

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