Power Your Vehicle to Success

Ok so I'm at point A and I want to get to point B. Now that's not too big of a deal if point A and point B are real close together like next door. But when point A and point B are seperated by a long distance of many miles, so now we're looking for a mode of transportation to get me from point A to point B. And most people these days choose to go in a car or a truck.

Cars and trucks need an engine in order to have power to take you to where you want to go. Each engine has five things that it does really really well. Not a thousand things, just five. It intakes the fuel, that piston descends in the cylinder, then the piston comes back up and compresses that fuel, and then that spark plug fires at just the perfect moment, and that causes an explosion as that piston is thrust down violently, and then it returns once again to it's original position expelling the spent fumes of the burnt fuel. And so we have those five processes from intake, to compression, to ignition, to power, to exhaust. And then we don't stop, we keep going. That's what makes the car engine go; is that it just keeps doing those five things over and over! Intake, compression, ignition, power, exhaust, intake, compression, ignition, power, exhaust.

In our business journey from where we are to where we want to go, it's kind of like that same point A to point B. Often times where I am today is no where close to where I really want to be in life. So, I need a means of transportation to get me from my point A to my point B- to my reason for doing the business. Now when we get in to network marketing, we're given a vehicle. It's our network marketing business. It's our opportunity. But just like our car needs an engine, so does your network marketing vehicle. Not suprisingly, your business engine needs to do five things really, really well. The intake of your business engine is make a list. That's the fuel. The compression, is your contacting. The ignition- that thing that brings the spark- is your presentation. The power comes from the follow-up. And finally, you enroll. That's the final part of your business engine. Make a list, contact, present, follow-up, enroll, make a list, contact, present, follow-up, and enroll. That way, your business vehicle has a fully installed business engine that will take you and power you to your dreams, your goal, your destination.

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