Prospects Ignore Automated Mass Messaging

Prospects Ignore Automated Mass Messaging

Are you more likely to respond to a personalized text/email or a mass text/email? Your prospects are the same, they ignore non-personalized messages.

There was a time, years ago, when you could build a direct sales business through lead generation sites and mass messaging, but that time is in the rear-view mirror. Enrolling people today requires a personalized touch. YOU enroll people by knowing what they want in life and helping them get it.

People who try to automate follow-up by removing human interaction face an uphill climb that ends in failure. This is especially true in a relationship business like direct sales or network marketing. After all, people like doing business with people, not faceless technology.

That doesn't mean technology can't make the follow-up 100 times easier than it has been in the past. For example, BizRunner has transformed the follow-up by organizing the follow-up into 5 simple, income producing activities anyone can do with their prospects. It's like a virtual assistant that tells you what to do and when so you can give your prospects that high-touch, high impact service and follow-up in a fraction of the time. People everywhere are getting crazy-good results from the high-touch follow-up automation made possible by BizRunner.

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