Scan Business Cards into Contacts

Have you ever been to an event where you were promoting your products or services and you gathered a bunch of business cards? You were excited because you had a number of prospects. However, you found that a few days go by, a week and soon it turns into a month and you still have not done anything with those valuable business cards. We know that the fortune is in the follow up. Now with BizRunner you have a way to immediately start the follow up process simply by taking a pictures of business cards and letting BizRunner transfer the contact information for you.

It just takes a few taps/clicks

  1. Tap "+" on the homescreen & select "Scan a Business Card"
  2. Tap on Scan/Upload a Business Card
  3. Take picture of card
  4. A few seconds of magic later and the card info is parsed and in BizRunner
  5. If necessary, add notes
  6. Save
  7. Prospect is now on your Contacts to Make Today list

Scan Business Cards into Contacts with BizRunner »