Success / Failure Orientation

People experience results they are committed to! For those who are committed to mediocrity, they will continue to experience lack and want as long as they think, act and remain committed to those results. Those who adopt wealth philosophy's and commit to abundance and freedom, experience result by increasing the value of their service and becoming the kind of person others will listen to and follow.

Success and the principles and practices that create it, are learned not inherited. No-one is born with a success gene. Everyone who is successful has learned how to become successful. And everyone who fails or falls short of their expectations has learned how to fail, and fall short.

There are two states of mind that make or break our ability to become wealthy--a state of scarcity or a state of abundance. Your thoughts, beliefs, decisions and actions will determine how you live and whether or not you achieve your greater causes and higher purposes.

In scarcity, people race against time, working hard, trading time for money doing 2 or 3 jobs they don't really like. And when opportunity comes knocking, they respond by saying, "how much does it cost?" Or "I don't have time to do that!" Does any of this sound familiar?

Is it any wonder that most everyone celebrates Friday, despises Monday, and put bumper stickers on their cars that say "I owe, I owe, so off to work I go".

The vast majority of people you meet each day are living paycheck to paycheck, and are so busy making a living that they don't have a life. It is popularly believed that 95% of the world's population is vying for 5% of the resources.

In the mind set of abundance, there is no struggle to earn a living, and therefore there is no race to get ahead. Everyone has enough and some to spare. And even though there is no limit to how many people could live abundantly, there are only a small percentage of the world's population that will ever pay the price to learn and follow the success pattern that leads them there.

The 5% of people who live with the abundance mindset control 95% of the world's money and resources. Life for this group of people is genuine, purpose driven, relationship centric, and results focused. They are free to pursue their greater causes and higher purposes. They have a great sense of well being, are independent, risk takers, confident, and open to new possibilities. They are investment oriented and make money based on exchanging value instead of effort.

They have learned to find solutions instead of excuses. They don't worry about what the neighbors think. They pursue their dreams with focus, passion and dedication. Learn the success pattern for success. Provide the opportunity for others to learn how to be successful along with you. Some will choose to learn, practice and apply the success principles of this business, and others will not. Your job begins with your transition from scarcity to abundance, and great wealth comes from teaching others to do the same.

People adopt positions and then gather evidence to support those positions. Some will halfheartedly do what you ask then point out it did not work and, hence, that the company or industry does not work. Others will implement the success pattern with precision and succeed wildly. Find and work with people who would rather prove success than failure. And be that kind of person yourself.

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