It takes Time to Become an Instant Success

It takes Time to Become an Instant Success

People seem to look for the shortcut to achieve any goal. A way to score touchdowns in one “Hail Mary” pass or score runs by hitting homeruns. What most people don’t hear is that it takes years to become an instant success.

Well this same desire for “instant” success is also alive in network marketing. Because the stakes are high (financial freedom, job dropping residual income…), and because of the nature of the business model with down-lines depending on leadership somewhere in the up-line makes the desire to sponsor the next “quadruple aqua marine founder executive platinum diamond” distributor.

The fabeled "lottery winner" approach intended to sponsor “the guy” is fraught with challenges. First of all, “the guy” doesn’t really exist. Sure there are people who are good looking, appear to have status, and are articulate. However, these attributes almost never translate to success in networking.

Second, if “the guy” really existed, he would be more trouble than he would be worth. As a recovering “guy” myself, I know that “the guy” tries to invent new systems that are not duplicate-able. They don’t tell the same story, ever. They are usually bad at long term relationships, don’t follow directions well, and as a result no-one in their group can do what they do in the way they do it. 

Successful network marketers are hungry for success, with committed dreams and passions, and willing to learn and implement proven patterns of success.

They build relationships, develop skills, and create duplication using systems of repeatable, scaleable skills and knowledge.

If you asked me to describe the perfect distributor, I would tell you that I want someone who:

  1. Knows exactly what they want to create in their business.
  2. Committed to use customer relationship management systems like BizRunner that track a prospects progress through the entire enrollment cycle, create duplication, and reward network marketers for engaging in critical income producing activities.
  3. Willing to learn.
  4. Emotionally devoted to their greater causes and higher purposes.

Unlike “the guy”, this kind of person never relies on, or takes for granted their God given talents and natural abilities. They learn, prepare, improve, work, and rejoice in teaching others to do the same. They revel in accomplishing goals both small and large and are amazed at the difference they create in the world.

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