Work Habits

Not everyone you enroll in your business will be sitting around waiting for you to present your opportunity to them. Most people don't have an extra 20 to 50 hours per week set aside with nothing to do. I have learned over time that there are four categories of commitment people are willing to devote to building their business:

  1. Sometime, 4 to 6 hours,
  2. Spare time, 6 to12 hours,
  3. Part time, 12 to 25 hours,
  4. Full time, 40 to 60 hours

In most cases people who really see the value of the business opportunity will be able to rearrange their schedule or turn off the T.V. long enough to at least start out as a some timer.

Those who consistently build the business at any level of commitment can create job dropping residual income. However, it will take a lot longer for a part timer to achieve this level of success than a full timer. Consistency means that no matter what, when you have business building time scheduled, you build your business during that time.

People who consistently plan and work each week will eventually succeed. Those who spend 2 hours one week, and then 50 hours the next, and 1 hour the next, followed by 15 hours the next will never create or maintain any momentum in their business.

It's not really a matter of spending time for the sake of spending time. The bottom line in your business is determined by your personal effectiveness in recruiting, training, and retaining, coupled with an unrelenting passion for creating your desired results.

Some will quit, others will concede, but those who are willing to pay the price will have the grandest rewards this industry has to offer.

Those who quit, generally do so because success is always dressed in overalls and looks like work.

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