5 Ways to Add Contacts to BizRunner

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Yep, you saw that title right.  There are five ways you can add contacts to BizRunner.  We know how frustrating it can be to purchase an exciting new system for your business, only to discover it’s going to take you hours, if not days, to get all your contacts from your current system imported into the new one.  Can’t you just visualize it?  Having to computers up, or worse a binder and a computer, trying to compare and hand enter each name in a list of a thousand.  Sounds like a nightmare to me.  Don’t go through all that hassle!  It can literally be as easy as a few clicks to import a thousand names.

In this article we’ll briefly explain how to use each of the five methods.  We’re sure there will be one that catches your eye.

Of course, if you need help for any reason, you may always contact our support staff.

1. Importing Phone Contacts
This first option is incredibly simple, and it’s something that we recommend new users do when getting the app.  We have lots of people who object to importing their phone contacts at first, mainly because that’s not where their business contacts are.  However, when you import your phone contacts it puts them onto a list where you can quickly sort through them and often people find “hidden” prospects that they had not considered before.

We’ll give you a simplified version of how to import phone contacts here.  For more details see our tutorial on How to Import and Sort Contacts.

If you have never imported your phone contacts before, click on circle number one on the home screen.  This is your “names list.”  

Once you are here a popup should appear asking if you would like to import your contacts.  Click on “Yes, Let’s do it.”  

The app will then search your phone and add the names to BizRunner.  Once it’s finished it will notify you that it is done and tell you how many names were imported.  Click on “Next Steps” to start sorting your contacts.  

If the popup asking you to import doesn’t appear, then contact our customer support.  For security reasons, we only allow one mass import of phone contacts.  However, you may have customer support clear out your import if you need to start over.

2. Manually Add Contact
This feature allows you to manually add one contact at a time. This feature is great for adding contacts on the fly, like when you talk to that person sitting next to you on the flight out to your next event.  See what I did there?

To do this click the + button on the top right corner of the home screen.

Then click “Manually Enter Contact.”

Enter all the information you have (or want to) on this contact.  When you are finished you can click “Take me to the Next Step” to view their profile, or you can click the “Save” button on the top right hand corner of the screen.

Simple as pie, eh?

3. Add Contact with a Text or Email
Don’t want to manually add a new contacts info yourself?  Well, with this snazzy little feature, you don’t have to.  Simply get the contact’s name and phone number or Email address, then BizRunner will send a link to this contact which invites them to fill out their contact information themselves.  Once they’ve submitted their info, it will show up on their profile in your BizRunner.  How cool is that?

To do this click on the + symbol on the top right corner of the home screen.  Select the method (text or email) you would like to use to send the link.  Texting only works when  you’re on your phone.

Enter the contact’s information and click “Invite.”

BizRunner will then open your Email or Text app and preformat a message for you with a link included.

The link will take your contact to a site that looks like this:

Edit the message and then send it.  Once the contact has entered her information, it will appear on her profile in your BizRunner.

4. Scan a Business Card
Now you have a use for all those business cards you’ve collected over the years.  BizRunner allows you to take a picture of a business card.  BizRunner will then take the information on the card and create a new contact in your names list.  It’s another great feature to use on the fly.

To do this, click on the + symbol on the top right corner of the home screen.  Then click on “Scan A Business Card”

Click on “Scan/Upload Business Card.”  If you’re on your phone, the app will access your camera.  Otherwise you may upload a picture from your laptop or other device.

Make sure your phone is as parallel with the card as possible and that the card fills the marked area.  Take the picture and then click “Use this Picture.”  BizRunner will scan the card and then ask you to confirm the information.  Make any corrections necessary and then save when you’re done.  This contact is now added to your names list.

5. CSV
Note: CSV Import may only be done when using the app online with a computer.

Last, but not least, BizRunner allows you to import contacts via a CSV file. This option is perfect for those who want to import large lists of names from other systems or home spreadsheets.

DISCLAIMER: While the CSV importing process is simple, it can sometimes be very difficult to create the proper CSV file needed for the import.  If you are not familiar with CSV, please contact someone who is to help you.  We do offer a CSV import service by our professional staff for $50.00.  If you’re interested, contact our support team for details.

Your CSV file needs to include 12 fields for every contact.  It’s important to put them in order.  

These are:

  1. First Name

  2. Last Name

  3. Email

  4. Phone 1

  5. Phone 2

  6. Phone 3

  7. Address

  8. City

  9. State

  10. Postal Code

  11. Country

  12. Notes

The CSV file should NOT contain column headers.

There is a 1000 contact limit per import.  If you have more than 1000 names, break them into multiple files.

To access CSV importing, click on the + symbol on the top right corner of the screen.  Then click “Import CSV File.”

You will be asked if you would like to Import or Export CSV.  Click “Import names from CSV file.”

Follow the instructions on the next page to import the CSV file.  If for any reason the import doesn’t work, contact our support team to request they clear your import.

You may do as many CSV imports as you like.


We hope this article helps you with the process of adding contacts to BizRunner.  If you have any questions or feedback for us, contact our support team.