BizRunner Navigation 101

Built to Drive Success

Navigating BizRunner may be a little bit different than what you’re used to. But we’re confident that once you understand some of the basic principles guiding the navigation, you’ll love the setup.

First of all, you need to understand that there are five business activities that are essential to do if you want to grow. These are:

1. Make a List
2. Contact
3. Present
4. Follow Up
5. Enroll

As you can see, these activities have been integrated into the navigation on the home screen. Each circle represents one of these activities, and (yep, you guessed it) in each circle you focus on that specific activity.

You can also think of each circle as different categories for your contacts to be sorted into.

Names List
This is where you can get a quick glance at all of your contacts, no matter their category. You can also just view those who haven’t been sorted yet, or only those who have been sorted. To change views, click on the light blue bar just above the search bar.

For more details on the names list see Importing and Sorting Contacts

Contacting Queue
The Contacting circle is the list of all the people you plan on contacting about your business. A person gets to this circle by being marked “ready to contact” from the names list.

This is a list of all those you have scheduled a business presentation with. A contact gets here by scheduling a presentation in their profile. More on this later.

Follow Up
Once a contact has been presented to, they are moved to the Follow Up circle. They will stay here until they are either marked as “Not interested at all” or they are enrolled in your business.

Once a contact has enrolled in your business, they are moved to the enrolled circle. Here you can schedule continued follow ups with them. For example you could schedule a quarterly product review meeting, or mentoring calls with this individual.

Profile View
To get to a contacts profile go into any one of the five circles and select the contact. With the exception of the names list, this action will take to you the profile view. On the names list you must select a contact and then click “take me to the next step.”

On the top of the profile is the contact status. This shows you where the contact is currently in regards to the five activities.

Below that is the “Next Step” placeholder. This tells you what the next step should be for that contact. For example, a next step could be “resolve concerns and enroll.” You can edit this by clicking on the text and typing the next step.

Next we have the contact information. You can quickly edit any of this by clicking on the text. You can text, call, email, or look up an address by clicking the associated icon on the left.

You may also send a personalized greeting card by clicking on “send a card.” More on this at how to send a greeting card from BizRunner.

The bottom of the profile is a list of actions, results, and notes. You can add a note anytime by clicking on the “enter note” bar, and typing whatever you would like to record about this person. This note will then be added to this list.

To record actions and results, you click on the grey bar that says “Action Taken.” This action represents the method used to contact this person, such as “met in person,” or “made a phone call.”

You then record the result by clicking the bar titled “result of action.” This is where you record what happened as a result of this action. Examples are “scheduled follow up,” “schedule presentation,” and “no answer, check back in a week.” Once you record the action, the contact may be moved to the next circle. For example, if my contact is in the contacting que and I mark that I made a phone call, and as a result scheduled a presentation, I will then be asked when I scheduled the presentation, then this contact will be moved to the presentation circle.

For more information on how this works, see how to succeed with BizRunner.

Follow Up Engine
The genius of BizRunner is it’s relentless follow up engine. Whenever you record an action and result, the app will ask you to enter a date for when you will follow up with this person next. By doing this, the app ensures that you never let this person fall through the cracks. It also helps you to increase your enrollments. Studies show that it usually takes between 8-15 follow-ups on average before a person will enroll. Without a system like BizRunner, it is unusual that someone would follow up this many times.

My Day
The secret sauce of BizRunner lies in “my day.” My Day is simply a list of all the activities you have scheduled for today. To access it, click on the calendar button on the bottom of the screen. Or from the home screen you can click the BizRunner logo in the middle of the screen.

From here you’ll see a list of the five activities. Click on each one to reveal a dropdown menu. On this menu will be listed contacts in that category that have a follow up or activity scheduled for today. Many users report that they spend much of their time in this view.

For more help navigating BizRunner we recommend requesting a personalized demo.

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