How to Import and Sort Contacts

The Perfect Place to Start

BizRunner allows you to import the contacts from your phone and quickly sort them into categories based on their status in your business. Doing so will help you get started on the right track, and may even help you find prospects you had not considered before.

Before we get to far, let me just assure you that unlike other systems, importing contacts into BizRunner does not add them to your marketing or contacting funnel. You can think of importing your contacts as giving BizRunner access to see the contacts on your phone. Once the app can see the contacts you can choose which ones you are ready to contact or those who are engaged in your business already.

If you would rather add contacts in some other way see 5 Ways to Add Contacts to BizRunner.


  • On the home screen, select circle number one. This is your names list.
  • If you have never imported your contacts before, a message should appear asking you if you would like to import.
  • Click “Yes, let’s do it.” BizRunner will then search your contacts. Allow a few seconds for this process. If you have a large contact list, it may take a little while.
  • To add a contact manually, just select the + sign in the top right corner of the names list.

    If the import prompt does not appear as it should, or if you need to clear your contacts and start over, contact our support team.


    Sorting Contacts
    Once your contacts have been added to your names list, you can easily sort them into their proper categories.

  • To do this, select a name in your names list.
  • A pop up should appear asking you where you would like to move this contact.
  • Select the category that best fits this contact.
  • To undo the action, select the contact and then click “Cancel Action.”

    If you would like customized categories, contact us about special customization.

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