How to Succeed with BizRunner

Getting the Most out of Your App

Note: We recommend viewing importing and sorting contacts, and basic BizRunner navigation before viewing this tutorial.

In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through a basic business day using BizRunner. After completing this tutorial, you should be able to use BizRunner to effectively build your business and increase your enrollments.

Starting off, we’ll come into the My Day view. Do this by clicking on the calendar icon on the bottom of the screen.

Here, we will see a list of people that we have scheduled activities with. This list is separated into categories based on the five activities.

Starting with “contacts to make today,” I’ll click on the first name under this list. Now in their profile view, I will review this person’s progress as well as any notes I may have made for this person. Once I feel comfortable that I know where they’re at, I’ll click on one of the contacting icons to contact this person. Once I’ve contacted them, I’ll record an action, such as “made a phone call” and a result. For this example, we’ll say I scheduled a presentation with this person. The app will now ask me when I scheduled the presentation for. I’ll put in the date for the scheduled presentation, enter any additional notes, and then save my progress before exiting the profile.

I’ve now taken care of this first contact for the day. It’s time to go back into My Day to find out what else I need to do. I’ll repeat this same process with each contact listed in the lists in My Day.

It’s really important to always schedule the next follow up or activity with every contact. This will ensure that you don’t ever let this person fall through the cracks, and will always be helping them to progress in your business, even after they’ve already enrolled.

You’ll notice that one of the list items in My Day is “Orientations/Team Follow Up for Today.” This category includes follow ups for those enrolled as customers and also your team members. Activities in this section could include product orientation meetings, mentoring calls, or even birthday reminders (if you set them).

When doing mentoring with BizRunner, we recommend inviting your team to also use the app. Not only will this help them to focus on growing their business, it will also allow you to see their progress in real time. You can do this with LeaderView. LeaderView will help you to mentor effectively by cutting down on the guess work and talking directly about what your team member needs to work on.

For more information see LeaderView - How to Mentor Effectively

Use it throughout each day
To be successful at building your business, you must be consistent at doing a little each day. BizRunner will help you know exactly what to do, and when you’ve done enough. Use BizRunner to help guide your daily actions, not just as a reporting platform to use at the end of a business day. If you really rely on BizRunner to tell you what you should be doing, you will see increased enrollments. It’s as simple as that.

For more information on how to use BizRunner to grow your business, request a personalized demo.